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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ongoing cholera disaster in Haiti opened the way to the witchhunt.

12 people were killed  by the mob that accused them in sorcery and witchcraft that allegedly started  epidemy of cholera in Haiti. 2000 dead and counting so far ( not an impressive rate by any means, out of 100K infected, what kind of cholera is this--more likely a mild diarrhea). Mind me reminding you that Haiti adddds to its population 550  people DAILY. So all this fuss for the last 3 months  came to less than a 4 days worth of population growth.   Anyway , Haitians killed everything alive there-- trees, rivers, soil, shores, so they  do deserve a tad of Gaia's poking me thinks. Just a little bit you know. Until they will be able to feed themselves at least.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

528-lb Romanian Mom dies of heart attack at 25

Thats a young age to die from a heart attack even for a 528-pounder. Poor  5-month old girl is orphan now though who knows what kind of life would she had  if her mom didnt die. Can you imagine, someone had tapped  that! Seriously, thats probably the news, not the actual death of a 25 year old.